GDD Project Review Portal

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While I welcome and receive plenty of input and feedback from coworkers, I am responsible for the design and development of the client facing project review portal for GDD Interactive. This tool allows clients to review and, when necessary, approve all comps for their ongoing projects, as well as review comps from previously completed projects.

This portal includes an assortment of bells and whistles, including heavy doses of ajax (drag-and-drop list reordering, field updates, approval submissions), secure login via SSL and database encrypted passwords, multiple file uploads using swfupload, and a CSS heavy design with graceful degradation.

Battle of the Rock Bands

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A series of gallery events and parties were hosted in order to promote our Black Ops Studio design and web services. This particular party was invite only, and I designed and coded this invitation and RSVP website in a single day. It includes simple data capturing, allowing us to approve attendees (bands and groupies) before displaying them on the site. It also included email confirmations to let attendees know that they had been accepted. The HTML for this one page site demonstrates my ability to build table based layouts, a crucial part of email-friendly HTML coding.

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(a) therapuetic smile

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For a brief stint I was actually in a band. Granted, I only had one live performance which included one incredibly simple keyboard part on a song and a brief guitar part on another. Years ago, I designed and built this website (well, the finished parts) for my friend, who continues to be the singer songwriter for (a) therapeutic smile.

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Maverick Machine

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On a project with Black Ops Studio, I worked with the client to determine the needs and goals of the site. While a version of the site was originally designed by a contractor, I heavily modified the design and finished the project through, including the development of the site.

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This very website provides a great example of my work. Designed and built entirely by me (with the exception of the great logo design by Brent Wood), this website displays my skills with Photoshop and front-end development. This website also demonstrates my ability to implement responsive design techniques, as you can see by loading this website on your mobile device or simply re-sizing your current browser window (make it narrower).

about phrough

Front-end coding, back-end coding, database design, and even visual design. My skill set, adaptability, and enjoyable personality make me an excellent fit for any Internet team.
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